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Monster Constructor


Monster constructor games is a monster game, full of heavy machinery action on a large construction site. Playing this game you are responsible for building a mall and this brings a lot of collateral responsibility. You have to drive monster machines over rough terrain and than contribute to the building process. Working with heavy machines is dangerous business and requires your utmost attention as to not damage the equipment or get yourself hurt. So get out there and be the leader of these monster truck games with your skillful heavy machine maneuvering. Start off with bringing the heavy weight lifter to the construction site with a truck and trailer. It may seam like an easy task but you will have to put to work your driving talents cause the route is full of rocks and if you don’t drive steady your heavy weight lifter will tip over or even fall off. Driving slowly is the secret to success here. After your lifter is in place you can start learning how to maneuver it. Lift and put in the truck the three steel rails. You have twenty levels to finish building our mall and achieve exert status. This game is packed with realistic building action and it requires a lot of skill and practice to finish.