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Stoneage Runner


Like for every driving games download all you have to do is to visit our site. The aim for this game is to reach at the finish line in a limited time. In this racing game you will have only 60 seconds to get to the finish line. You will drive a Flinstone car and you will have to rescue your lady from a dinosaur attack. If you manage to get to your lady at the finish line in the right time, meaning in less than 60 seconds, all you have to do now is to press space key to beat that dinosaur.

After driving games download, you will start the game and you will control your car with your arrow keys. By pressing the up arrow key you will gain speed and you will go further in this race. By pressing the left and the right button you will balance your car because you will have to get over some ramps. And in the end to break or to go back you will have to press the down arrow. These ramps are some houses or some dinosaur skeleton. After all what does not do a man for his woman? I bet the answer will be, whatever it takes! Be careful because if you don’t get to the finish line in time the dinosaur will eat your lady and you will lose the game. Also pay attention to the landing, because if you don’t land correctly, and the car will be upside down, you may see in the right up corner a bone filled with your life. Try not to waste all your life because if you do that also the race is over. Play some rounds on this type of racing games online to improve your agility, and driving skills by doing a driving games download. If you are already a pro driver, this game will not be very difficult and you will win all the 5 levels.

Stoneage Runner is one of the best driving games on the internet. You can play any of these driving games online every time you like if you do a driving games download.