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Fast And The Furious


The game that we decided to show you now is a very challenging game from the category of Flash racing games because you will be the one to participate in a race where the only option for you to advance is to become the champion. After you have decided what car you should drive it is time to start the race… a race that will keep you in front of your computer for hours.

 After you have chosen the car you have to decide what lever of experience you have and choose between ‘’easy’’, ‘’medium’’ and ‘’hard’’. This will define the difficulty of the race you will participate in when playing these Flash racing games! These dragracing games are the kind of games which are much more interactive that the usual ones because you also have to change the gear by pressing space bar every time the tachometer reaches red.

The car in these Flash racing games is driven using the arrow keys and while you stay concentrated and changing the gear you also have to be careful at the other cars and make sure you don’t crash. Isn’t this game a challenging one? You will see this after a single round!