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Fancy Up My Luxury Car


Are you a car body kit expert? Do you recognize even the most obscure makes? Do you know the specifications of every version of the luxury cars that is out there? Than this game is for you. If you are passionate about car design and tuning luxury cars now you have the chance to impress lovely girls you want to date with your skills and make their luxury cars match their style. The girls come to your luxury Car Tuning Shop with damaged luxury cars and you have to fix their cars and bring out their potential. This game takes you all the way from the girls preferences in style to fixing and test driving the new and improved car. Fix their cars and impress them with your sharp sense of style and you eye for details in this fancy up my luxury car games.

If fancy tuning car games are your thing you will love this game, because if filled with realistic action and stylish girls. Listen closely to what the girls demand and put your mind to work to figure out what are the best car parts and improvements to make to girls happy and felling like the car is truly theirs. Some are all about bling whilst others are all about class. Each change has to be in harmony with the rest of the details and make the girl stand out with style. After the car is finished prove you know how to drive a luxury car and take the cars on a ride to test the fixing and tuning on the road. You pass each level only after you receive 90 percent positive attitude from the girl. Have fun and put your taste for luxury to use!