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Extreme Rally


For this game your goal is to win as many races as you can to collect as many money as you can to buy the ultimate car to win easily all the races. Use your keyboard to control your car. Try to stay focus during the race and pay attention to your opponents and overcome them to win the race. As faster you finish the race as more points will be added to your final score, and finally more money.

Use your arrow keys to control your car at these drag racing games. Overcome all your opponents and try to stay in front of the race until the race ends. This way you will win all the money for that race and you can buy your next car. Beware because if you want you can play the same race for three or four times, and this way you can earn more money and more respect.

Buy with your money also “The Nitro”. By purchasing this, while you race you can get a speed boost by pressing the n key and activate “The Nitro”. This is an amazing thing because only you can use this special gift. Stay focus during the race and use your nitro and you will definitely win all the races at these drag racing games.

Also you can make this game more interactive and more interesting by choosing to play this game against a local opponent. Challenge your friends to a race to see which of you is more experienced at these amazing drag racing games. This way you will definitely improve your skills for racing games and you will become a pro racer in the shortest possible time.

Extreme Rally is a funny and a free car racing game that you can choose to play on this marvelous site. By playing these drag racing games you can see actually what is happening at a drag race. You will understand the meaning of a real racer. Enjoy playing these amazing drag racing games only on our site!