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Winter and V12


Winter is the most dangerous time of the year for every driver that has a big v12 engine under the hood. If you want to see of what I am talking about play Winter And V12 and find out how hard t is to control a car on snow. This game is as realistic as it can be, you have to be careful not to take the corners at a very hi speed or you will lose control of the car and you will find yourself of the road and maybe in the last place. In order to win this ice racing games you will have to get a good balance between the tough conditions of winter and the powerful engine.

After you have begin the race you will think that you have played this game sometime ago, but that is not the case, the controls are easy to understand and master. User the arrow keys to steer, accelerate and break the car and if you want to make a few tricks you can press the space bar in order to use the handbrake and make long drifts. Winter And V12 is one of the best racing games you will find online.

As you know racing is not the type of sport you should try out on the streets. In the winter time is even more dangerous, this is why Winter And V12 is the best choice for you. Enjoy the trill of racing in the snow, by playing this online racing game.