Zoorly Sport Games Arena

Race Under Floods


Heavy rain has swollen the rivers and caused floods in the fields on the sides of the road. Everything is soaking wet and cars barely maneuver on the slippery road. But quality cars can even function under some water if the water does not get into the radiator. Drive through puddles and over wet asphalt in this water racing games. Think you are the master of racing and have a taste for danger? Feel like racing everyone under any conditions? Than have some fun in race under floods games and compete under disadvantageous conditions. That’s right! Race other cars in the middle of a flood! If your spirit yarns for extreme racing conditions you will love water racing games. Your car is soaking wet and with water dangerously close to its radiator, and so are the other cars. Advancing slowly thru the deep water and racing thru the shallow puddles you know you are still going to be number one. So don't let other cars get ahead of you and if they do cut corners to take the lead again. So leave your opponents in a splash and finish the rounds as quick as possible.