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Oldskool Racer


These types of classic racing games were made for adrenaline and for the pleasure of becoming a pro racer. You can become one, if you practice some rounds with these specific classic racing games.

Like in every racing game online you will control your car with your arrow keys. By pressing all the time the up arrow key, you will accelerate your car. Try to stay focus, and take a good control of your car at turns by pressing the left arrow key, for a left turn , and for a right turn by pressing the right arrow key. However you will see that sometimes you will need to break and you will do that by pressing the down arrow key, because if you don’t do it, you won’t be able to stop in time to avoid getting outside of the road. We know that you definitely like high-speed but be careful because it can cost you.

As a little hint, stay always in the middle of the road to be able to cut correctly all the turns in time. Don’t let your opponents hit you, because that will slow you down. Try to overcome your opponents in the middle of a turn, because that way they won’t be able to stop you. Your maximum speed in this racing game online will be 221 km/h.

Also at these types of classic racing games you can put your opponents in a difficult situation, by crushing them from behind. This way you will change their direction and you can overcome them. Stay behind them, like a wolf that is attacking his prey, and at the right time and position try to overcome them. In this racing game online you will have to complete 3 laps to finish the race. At the final of the race you can see your average speed and the time for your race.

Oldskool Racer is the most exciting game in his league just because it’s an easy way to practice. Those classic racing games will give you the satisfaction of a real racer if you finish first at these car racing games.