Zoorly Sport Games Arena

Gangster Streets


Who has never wanted to be Al Capone? In this kind of car racing games you can be a gangster and conquer the streets. Try not to get your guard down and defend yourself, by destroying all your enemies.

Like in each car racing games you will have to drive safely and avoid getting crushed. You will drive on a highway with four lanes, and you can change your lane anytime you like.

Race these gangsters’ streets in quest for your targets, targets that you have to take down. Prove you are the greatest mobster to run the city in your fearless vehicle. By destroying all your enemies you will make your clan proud of you, and they will acclaim you as their boss.

Like in every kind of car racing games you will control your car with your keyboard. Move your car by pressing the arrow keys. Avoid other cars on the highway to get yourself out without any damage. After you chase down your enemies you have to take them down. You can do that by shooting them or by crushing them.

Press the space button to shoot your rivals, and try to be very precise because you have a limited number of bullets. You can have more bullets by collecting some from the highway. You can see in the right up corner your health. Every time you will damage your car, by crushing into other’s cars or by getting shot by your rivals, your health will decrease. You can increase your health by picking the first aid kit.

In your first level you will have to take down four rivals. Drive like an insane to make a good average speed, because this way you will catch more easily your rivals, and you can make some good high scores.

So don’t let the rival mobs to control these Gangster Streets. Prove yourself who is the boss at these car racing games, and take down all your enemies. You can also try another type of sport games if this one will get you bored.