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Army Speeder


This time you will try an interesting racing war game. You know what is so much fun about playing these games? Well… these cool games have a story, have something in the background to sustain the action! You can do a free racing games download and this way you can have Army Speeder on your personal computer.

Like any other Hot Wheels racing games, when playing Army Speeder you will use the arrow keys from your keyboard to change the direction, brake and accelerate. Also, it will be quite easy because all that you have to do is destroy a certain number of targets each level. You have to do this is the shortest time possible because you’ll receive points for speeding and time. 

There is nothing more fun than to know you have a nice game to play when you are in the mood for some adventure. Well… all that you have to do is a free racing games download and you will have something to do in the times of boredom!