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Cloud Racing


Enjoy racing in the future. Cloud Racing is not one of the most beautiful racing games, but it is very well developed, the cars are controlled easy and all the trill of racing is present. This game is all about racing without anything to distract you, the background is clean and there aren't any flashing or moving thinks beside the actual cars that are participating in the race. These is way real racers say that Cloud Racing is one of the bes racing games that they have ever played, the only thing that comes close to this game are 3d drag racing games.

In order to control the car around the track you will have to use your arrow keys, no need to use the mouse. If you want to annihilate your opponent you can pick up the bonuses that will appear random over the track. B careful to stay on the tarmac living it will make your car slow down, these is the main reason why many racer lose. Once you get use to the car staring you will see that Cloud Racing is more fun tht you have originally thought.