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Speed Busters


Stop wasting your time in order to search the best racing games, because the best racing game that you can ever play is Speed Busters. After playing this game you will admit that it’s one of the best racing games and at the same time is challenging and interesting.

At this game your objective is to take down the cars with targets above them because they need to be destroyed. You can do it however you would like but you will be awarded for your speed and efficiency. You have missions in Germany, Italy and Las Vegas. You play the role of detective Dave, from Las Vegas which has different missions in different countries, and he must be as efficient as possible and, above all, faster than the targets to be destroyed because otherwise he will not be able to fulfill his mission. Every game is more interesting when you have a mission to fulfill, because in this case you have several objectives, like: catching up the drivers who run too fast on the road, destroy their cars and do all this actions in the shortest time that you can. And of course, you have to pay attention at your health level, because every time that you hit a car your health level decreases and once you have no more health left the game is over.

You only need three arrow keys to play this game: with the up arrow key you accelerate and with the left and right arrow keys you can move on the direction you want. You’ve got to be very attentive at the other cars in traffic because if you collide with them you will constantly waste your time and you will not be able to fulfill your mission and destroy all your targets. If you are looking to play the best racing games you must be one of the best players.

It’s not a secret that everyone looks for the best racing games just like Speed Busters, but we can divide this big category of best racing games into smaller categories and one of these categories would be street racing games.