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Highway Madness


The game you are about to play is some minutes will surely stun you! You will have a great variety of cars to choose from and drive! When you are in the mood for a complex driving game that can be played in a lot of different modes Highway Madness is the best from all highway racing games that you can find online.

It’s very fun to play Highway Madness as you have to first choose your car from a list of popular cars depending on your preferences. These 3D rallye racing games online give you the opportunity to drive straight on the highway while you avoid collisions with other cars and gather the helping icons that will come on your way.

The point of these highway racing games is to finish the levels without destroying the beautiful car you chose to drive. You can easily control the car using the arrow keys and when you need a boost of speed just press ‘’Z’’ and you will fly on the road with the help of the Nitro you gathered on the way!