Zoorly Sport Games Arena

Monster Stunts Show


Hungry for car power and breath taking car tricks? Than play monster stunts games and feed your stunts hunger. Drive a monster truck on increasingly hard to achieve routes in desert terrain or on the car course and show what you got when the odds are against you. You cant finish without pulling some seriously impressive stunts out of your sleeve.

Learn to drive your power oozing monster truck and use the left and right arrow keys to achieve the most outstanding stunts you will ever see. These keys are your friends. Weather you use them to get extra bonus for car flips or maneuver your car over almost unconquerable obstacles you have to use them. Drive over logs and crates and jump over tire piles and old cars chassis. Don’t be put off if you don’t make it the first time the course is long and the tasks hard. You can learn to maneuver you monster truck and impress your audience in these monster truck games.