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Ice Breakers


For this game your goal is to drive faster as you can and destroy all your enemies. For each level your health is limited and you will have more enemies that you needed to destroy on your previous level. Use your keyword to control you car. Try to make your missions and you will gain the respect of the mobs. Believe us, you will need that at these ice racing games.

Use your arrow keys and to control your car at these ice racing games. You will see that you are racing on the highway. Avoid the other cars that are standing in your way and get to your rivals. You will be able to see which your rivals are because they will be marked with a green light. Crush into them and hit them to the walls to destroy them.

During the race, on the right up corner the distance to your next rival will be displayed and also how many rivals you will need to take down in that level. The health of your car will be also displayed on the upper side of your screen. Try to avoid getting crushed into other cars at these ice racing games because your health will decrease and you will lose the game. At the final of each race you can see your life left, how many points you have earned for that level, your average speed and finally how many km you have traveled. All these things make your final score. As a hint try to travel as fewer km as you can to make your final score higher.

This game can be played even in the multiplayer mode. This way the game is more interactive and funnier. Challenge your friends at these amazing ice racing games and see which of you is a better driver at Ice Breakers . There are also other types of drag racing games on our site that you can choose to play anytime you would like. Enjoy playing these amazing ice racing games only on our site.