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Evasion Racer


When you are feeling in need for some adventure you can always download 3D racing games and keep them on your computer for the times when you are in the mood… Evasion Racer is all about fun and challenge… but don’t you forget mystery… When you play car racing games for boys and girls like this one you will be in a continuous quest of discovering what the next level has prepared for you.

When you play and then download 3D racing games you will have to play 6 levels to get to the end of the game. But the most fun and challenging thing of all it’s the fact that each level has a surprise for you and you have to discover it one by one. And once you have unlocked all the levels you can choose which one you like each time you play.

The rules are simple – just use the arrow keys to control the car and follow each level’s instructions and you will be all right in the end and the champion that you have been dreaming of becoming! Now get to work and download 3D racing games, play them and recommend them to your friends!