Zoorly Sport Games Arena

24/7 Adrenaline


Are you up for any driving challenge? Get the gear starter and never stop as you quench your driving thirst 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Once the race is on, there is no turning point and stopping at all until you are the ultimate driver! Get you focus level up to a maximum and prepare for the race of you life that can go on every day 24/7.

But first, choose your car, pimp it up and transform it into your perfect ride for the day. Get the model you like best and opt for the color that will inspire you in this awesome drive. You can try on several options before starting the race, so make sure you have the right car that will drive you to the ultimate success. And now that you're ready, get set, steady and GO! Push the pedal down and race away. Using your arrow key, make sure you overcome bumpy road turns and that you subclass all of your competitors. Be the first one to win the race and compete into the next rounds.

The race gets harder and harder as the levels go up and you need to keep up with the challenge of a professional driver. You can mix up the fun and practice on your Billiards Drift moves to spice things up, but the ultimate 24/7 Adrenaline rush takes place right here, in this exhilarating racing game. So gear up and let's race to the finish line! May the best driver win!