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Billiards Drift


This innovative and super interesting game is for both sports fans as well as rallye cars ones. So if you like the adrenaline of a steaming drift car game but you also like those strategy games, this one's for you. Perfectly adapted to a wide range of preferences, this ultimate Billiards Drift game is among the best pool games online as well as a fierce competition to any drift rallye games.

So join the multi-level game and see how you can work your way up to the top. Unlock fancier cars as you pass each billiard challenge and drift your way up to the top, through all of those 12 levels of intense strategic planning.

Use your arrows to control your car into the drift you need to win the game and launch it straight forward into the ball. Make sure you calculate your hit so that you get as many balls as possible with just one shot. The regular drift games online are usually all about speed, race and drift power. But in this awesome challenge you will discover that using your mind to calculate your best hit will also put your drifting abilities to good use. So use your skills, your mind and your driving techniques to be the best among the Billiards Drift challengers.

By the time you will get to the last level, you won't even know what you prefer more: the drifting part or the billiard one. It's hard to decide, especially when both of them are really challenging and super fun. And of course, good thing they are both blended in this game, so you don't have to choose favorites. All you need to focus on is how to get the ball in the hole with a drifting effect!

The Billiards Drift game is only for the best pool players that have their drifting abilities well sharpen out, especially if you can hold on till upper levels where the competition is fierce and only the chosen ones will make it. So good luck!