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Vengeance Rider


Since you were looking to have a little bit of fun and also play free car chasing games that changed the world you now have the chance to enjoy your free time doing what you like. Vengeance Rider is a game like no other and if you like comic books you will surely enjoy playing this wonderful game. 

You will be the one to chase around the city in your speed car looking for the ones you have to destroy. Using the ‘’up’’, ‘’down’’ and side arrows you can easily control the car through the city while you do your best to keep your health level up until the end of the chase. What you have to do while you play racing games online is reach the target and destroy it!

After you have destroyed all the targets you will be able to participate in another race where you can enjoy another round of chasing. If you play free car chasing games like Vengeance Rider you will feel free to take revenge on those who have wronged you with the help of your powerful car.