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Trucks Desert Racing


Have you ever been to the desert? Have you ever found yourself behind the wheel of an... excavator? Then it's time to check these two “must do things in a lifetime” on your list and respond to this truck desert racing challenge! The hot Sahara sun above your head, a so very hard to handle truck as your only vehicle there and a rocky desert track.... if you're a free desert racing games fan you'll surely find this game one of the most demanding ones you've ever tried before!

So, ready to... climb some desert rocks? Once the mad race begins, make sure to click those arrow keys like a pro' not only to score the best time and be way ahead of your opponents, but to keep your excavator as little damaged as possible, too. Is this like one of the most challenging and also so very engaging free desert racing games that you've ever tested your skills with or what? Racing down this challenging rocky desert track, rolling your excavator along those deadly crevices sure won't be as easy as rolling down... a smooth highway. Make sure you collect all the little golden stars, that you won't lose a wheel of two, that your truck keeps well balanced, that it won't land on its back and... the possible disastrous scenarios could go on and on. Consider yourself lucky if you've made it through the first level and you've made it to the finish line before your opponents and consider yourself an adrenaline-freak, reckless and super skillful driver if you will have managed to complete all the levels.

If you're not the type of “lazy” driver, if you're rather on the adrenaline addicts' side, if you won't settle for boring, non-challenging races, but you always go for the most difficult to handle kind of vehicles and you like to roll down some of the most dangers-packed circuits, then the Trucks Desert Racing game has surely been developed especially for you!