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3D Russian Road Rage



3D Russian Road Rage games is all about sharp reflexes and the experience to foresee when the situation is getting tricky and you need to avoid it. Its not only about speed here, you make like speed but to much recklessness will get your car damaged and you back to square one. Drive around many boulders blocking the road and try to get money for upgradings your car or even batter crashing cars form the side to change your car for a fancier tuned up one. 3D road rage games takes the adrenaline to the limit with all the obstacles in your way. If you want to try the frenzy of Russian roads this is the game for you. With rugged tanks or peaceful cows along the sides of the road you will not be bored with the Russian scenery. So get ready for the ride of your life on one of these roads full of rage and need for revenge.