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Sprint Racer


If you like speed and cars we have the right game for you, Sprint Racer, forget about the other race games. This racing game is all about speed and your quick reactions.

This is not an easy game, you will see. In order to win you will have to change lains very quickly in order to overtake the car in front of you. Even if the speeds are high you can see the great graphics, the beautiful cars and the very well designed background. Playing Sprint Racer is the best thing you can do with your spare time.

The controls for this game are a little tricky because of the perspective, the car is shown from the side, so in order to accelerate you will have to press the right arrow key, if you want to break you have to use the left arrow key and in order to change leins you will have to use the up and the down arrow keys. There is more to it than just driving the car, you can also pick up a nos bonus from the road, if you are quick enough. It is not hard to play Sprint Racer but it can take you a few minutes in order to get used to the game.