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Detective Car Chase


How about an adrenaline pumped detective car chase around the city today? Get your professional driver skills out of the closet and put them to good use in the ultimate adventure and racing games online. Play the 007 duty and save the day in your impressive car as you chase around the bad guys and take them out of the competition.

Make sure you collect the health bonuses along your path, dodge obstacles and save energy of your car by not scratching it too much. Play road games and prove you've got what it takes to conquer any street under any conditions. Dodge the bullets by using your turbo extra powers and race all eight levels like the best driver to have ever won adrenaline car racing games online. The detective car chase is sure gonna be a demanding task for you today, but using your powerful weapons to wipe the streets clean of bad guys, will surely put in advantage. Enjoy detective car chase games online and proclaim yourself the champion.