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F1 Champion


F1 Champion is a game that you will surely love especially if you are a Formula 1 fan. If you decide to play these Formula 1 racing games you will be given the chance to drive a racing car like you have ever imagined to and which you won’t have the opportunity to drive in reality. 

These 3D rallye racing games online are created to be played by all of you out there who would like to have so adventure! Simple and fun! Using the arrow keys you will have to race on a 3 lap route from which you have to finish the first to be considered the ultimate champion!

It will be quite hard to win these Formula 1 racing games from your first try because they are intelligently created and the opponent cars will follow your moves when you want to pass them. They won’t give up without a try and you have to do your best and fight to deserve the first place!