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Gone In 60 Seconds


At these free racing games all you have to do is to drive your car faster as you can to your final destination, through all your checkpoints. Use your keyboard to control your car. Also by practicing this types of game you will definitely improve your skills at racing games. Pay attention to your obstacles and try to avoid them to reach the finish line as soon as you can.

You are Randall Raines and you must steal 10 cars to save your brother Kip and get 200.000$ in cash. You have 10 minutes to do this, which means that each car has to be GONE IN 60 SECONDS. Use the arrow keys to successfully drive each car back to the warehouse. The small map on the upper left corner displays your current position and the location of the warehouse at these free racing games.

Watch out for obstacles – if you hit anything, the value of the car drops. And stay away of the cops, if you are pulled over, you will get a 20 seconds fine. The “3 Strikes” law is in force: get caught three times, the games is over. Any time left at the end of each level will be carried out into the next level. You’ll need it!

You’ll need to find one laser cut key on each of the first three levels in order to steal the three Mercedes on level four. Drive over a key to pick it up. You will not be allowed to enter the warehouse with the last car until you have collected the key on that level at these free racing games.

For your first level you will have to steal a Porsche Boxster 5 and a Ferrari 550 and to bring them back to the warehouse. You will also need to find out the laser cut Mercedes key to be able to unlock your fourth level.

Gone in 60 Seconds is a funny racing game for boys that you can choose to play anytime you would like. Practice some rounds and make a high score that you can submit to our worldwide list of free racing games. Enjoy!