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Fast Lane Challenge


Are you ready for a new racing challenge? If you are a true petrol head we have the perfect game for you, Fast Lane Challenge, it is more then you can expect from a street racing game. It has a nice graphics an some of the latest cars that the world have seen. You must play this game or you are going to miss one of the best experiences of your life.

The idea of the game is not a new one, you have to compete against other 6 drivers and you must get to the finish line first, the simplest racing idea ever. The tricky part is overtaking your opponents you must feel the car and know how fast you can go into a corner in order to exit with the maximum speed possible, this is the key to the entire game. The controls are simple, you must use the arrow keys and nothing else, making you racing skills the most important thing.

Don't be disappointed if you lose a race, this can happen to anybody, on a new track you will need a few practice laps just to understand the corners and visualize the next step.