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Nissan Racing


It is time for some racing, and the best game to start with is Nissan Racing, this game is something you haven't played yet, it has a beautifully graphics, it is just like looking at a racing track at the TV. Beside the nice design the game play is great with cars that are well balanced, they are handling just like in real life. If you start playing this racing game for boys you won't need anything else.

The game is not to hard, all you need to do is to watch out for the tight corners and with a little practice you can win every race. Beside your driving skills you will need to know how to manage your founds, what upgrade to buy and when. It may seam easy but you should buy your upgrades accordingly to the track you will race on. For a track with many tight corners you will need to upgrade your handling and for the tracks with many straight lines you should upgrade your top speed and acceleration.

If you have played racing games online until know you should know how to control the car, you steer using the left and right arrows, you accelerate with the up arrow and you brake with the down arrow. If you want to buy some upgraded you must use your mouse. After you get use with the controls you will have only one thing to do, sit back and have fun.