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Desk Rally


Your goal is to finish all your races before your opponents do, and before the time runs out if you choose to play in the challenge mode. You will have to use your keyboard to control your car for these racing games for boys. Also timing and patience are everything while playing this game. Take your time, practice some rounds, relax during the game and you will definitely win all your races.

Use your arrows key to control your car at these racing games for boys. You will find this game interesting because all the things are in miniature mode and also your car will be smaller than normally is. However try to stay focus during the race because your opponent won’t be gentle with you. Also don’t forget to use your break when is needed because otherwise you will go outside the race track and you will lose some precious time.

For your fist race you will have to beat your opponents for 3 laps. If you manage to do that for your next level you will have to beat a more experienced racer and faster than the previous was. Same thing, stay focus and pay attention to your race and you will definitely beat him. This game has 5 levels. Win all those races and you will be crown The King of the highway! Also try to win these races faster as you can to gain some extra bonus points for your remaining time.

You can also play these amazing racing games for boys in the multiplayer mode, against your friends. Challenge them to a race and see who the boss at these types of games is. We advise you to practice some rounds before you challenge them if you want to win much easier.

Desk Rally is one of the most popular racing games for boys that exist on our site. Also there are other ices racing games on our site that you can choose to play anytime you would like. Enjoy playing these amazing games only on our site!