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Foofa Race


There are a lot of new car racing games on the internet but you, as a player and a fan of these cool games, need to know which ones are worth playing… that is why we started presenting to you only the games that you deserve playing. So, if you like to play some very colorful and quite funny car racing games online you should start with Foofa Race! 

These new car racing games are considered to be complex and very entertaining… you will be able to drive all kind of strange cars with special and sometimes hilarious powers in a scenario of strange and exotic worlds. First you will take a journey on the moon where you have to race against other drivers and watch out for certain dangers that can stop you from winning.

You can easily play these new car racing games with the help of your arrow keys, but be careful about all the icons on the road because some are useful and some can damage your super car! Now that you are ready, let’s start!