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Roof Racers


I think that you are really going to like this new racing game online, it doesn't bring something new to the table, but it is one of the best racing engines out there. Playing Roof Racers will make you understand hat racing is all about.

When you are starting the game you will need to select one of the 4 cars available in the game, each of them is better in some aspects and worst in others, one car can have a good top seeped but handle poorly in corners, other cars may have a good handling but not so good acceleration, you must choose wisely and make a racing strategy based on the car. The main thing that makes this type of street street racing games so popular is the simple game play, you only need to know how to control the car, using the arrow keys and nothing more, so your main focus in the game is the car and nothing else.

A little hint: there are random bonuses on the course that will give you a boost, you should take this and overcome your opponent, this are a great advantage for the one that manages to take it.