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Seasons Racer


The street racing games are challenging games and you usually have one or more opponents. The Seasons Racer game is one of the street racing games in which you have one opponent, so you play this game against your computer.

All street racing games are usually easy to play, but you need lot of attention while playing them. You have to drive carefully if you want to win the race against the other player, which in this case is your computer. You also need to hurry up, because you have in the top bar your elapsed time and you need to be as fast as possible. If your opponent ends the race before you, the game is over and the elapsed time for your laps doesn’t even matter. But of course, you can use those lap times to see your evolution and this way you can try to make a better time for every lap. The game is easy to play, because you only need to use your keyboard for this game. By pressing the up arrow key you can accelerate, by pressing the down arrow key you can move backwards with your player, by pressing the left arrow key you can turn left and finally, by pressing the right arrow key you can turn right with your player.

There are more levels for this game, but you have to pass the levels one by one to get to the final level and finish the game. The street racing games usually have more levels that you need to win one by one. You can compare your scores from one game to another and you can device when is the time to challenge your friends at this game.

Seasons Racer is one of the street racing games that can help you to improve your driving skills. One important thing is that you have a good opponent and this way you have to give your best if you want to win the race. Once that you had won you can consider yourself a good player of Seasons Racer. If you like to play racing games this game would be a good training for you.