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Kart Racing 1


If you like to play racing games, you should try Kart Racing 1. This game, is the typical Kart game that we all know. It doesn’t have anything special than the other racing games that you might have played until now, but you can play this game just for fun or if you are a beginner.

This game is very easy to play, because you have to use your keyboard. By pressing the up arrow key you move forward, by pressing the down arrow key you move backwards, by pressing the left arrow key you turn to the left and finally, by pressing the right arrow key you turn to the right. If you are used to play racing games, it will be very easy for you, but also challenging at the same time, because you have more difficulty levels for this game.

The only thing that might put you in a more difficult situation, is that you don’t have a frontal view, but rather an overview of the track and when your kart moves down on the screen you have to press the up arrow key, because in fact it’s still moving forward. You also have to pay attention when you turn to the left or to the right with your player, because it’s very easy to press the wrong arrow, considering the fact that the track might look like being upside down. But if you pay enough attention and if you are used to play racing games, these things might not affect you. On the top bar you can see how much time has passed and on the right up corner you have the best lap time. You have to be better every time that you play racing games and beat your best lap time again and again.

Of course, if you are a good player and if you play racing games to improve your skills, you should challenge your friends to play this game. This way, you will be able to compare your score with theirs and see who’s the best at these racing games. You can also try to play some 3d racing games if you decide at one point that this is much too easy for you.