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F1 Championship


If you are looking for a challenging and interesting racing game and if you are a professional driver at racing games, you can choose to play one of the F1 racing games and try to win the F1 Championship.

You have to play this game with your keyboard, using the arrow keys. By pressing the up arrow key you move forward with your player, by pressing the down arrow key you move backwards and you can change direction by pressing the left or right arrow keys. The F1 racing games are very challenging because you have one or more opponents that you must beat if you want to win the race or the championship.

Any game is more interesting when you have some opponents because they can cause you troubles, they can be better then you and this way you have to be very ambitious to beat them and win. If you play a single player game, a game in which you only have to get at the finish line in a specified time, you might be better every time that you play the game, but you can’t compare yourself with other players or with the computer. When you play F1 racing games against your computer you should know that is kind of difficult to beat your opponents, but you can take this as a practice for your skills that you can get to develop in time. But if you are a good player, you can win even if you are competing against the computer. All these F1 racing games have a top bar with the elapsed time that you have to pay attention at.

The F1 Championship is a race in which you only have one opponent and like in any other F1 racing games if you lose the race, it’s your fault because if you drive more carefully you have all the chances to win. You can practice as much as you want and you can finally be a winner, but if you are looking for more fun try the Mountain Racing Games, games that you can try to play with your friends. Enjoy!