Zoorly Sport Games Arena

Off-Road Challenge Destruction


If you are a fan of off-road competitions you have to try these off-road games. Off-Road challenge Destruction games bring you in the seat of a heavy muscle car with huge tires and the engine to overcome any off road hazard. The path is set and the cars are ready to rumble, but are you ready for the challenge? Compete in a haze of dust on unpaved roads at the outskirts of the city and take out the opponents that will damage your car the least but be careful cause in the turmoil you may bump into others and lose car health. These opponents are signaled with red lights and you will have to take all of them out to successfully finish the level so don’t let any get away even if it means waiting for them to catch up with you. If you are a feisty driver and bump many cars you will have to also drive thru the health top-ups so put all your reflexes to work.