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Shut Up And Drive


It is time you see how these Hotwheels racing games can keep you stuck to your seat with hours! After playing a round of Shut Up And Drive you will surely say that these game is the most challenging of all the dragracing games!

These Hotwheels racing games are games where you have to drive on a busy street and try to override all the cars, without bumping. With every car that you manage to pass you will get points. Also you will receive points for maintaining a high speed for a longer period of time and reaching a maximum speed limit and for finishing the race quickly.

The aim of the game is to finish the race as quick as you can with as much points as you can! You can do this by using the arrow keys! The car is quite easy to drive and very stable, so these Hotwheels racing games are just a pleasure to play! When driving you only have to be careful not to hit other cars, they will not reduce your score but they will slow you down a lot!