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Trailer Racing 2


There are times when you are in traffic and you get mad on other big trucks that slow you down, you should know that is not their fault, it is a harder to drive a trucks with long trailers, if you don;t believe me you can play Trailer Racing 2 and see for your self.

There are no limits when it comes to racing, so why not have a go at this trailer based race. You should keep in mind that this racing game is not like anything else you have played, it is very different event than the first version. If you are new to the racing games online this is probably not the best choice for you, this is hard to get used to even if you are a veteran in this games, because of the long truck you have to control.

The controls are the same just like in any other car racing game, you can steer with the left and right arrows and you can accelerate and break using the up and down arrows, this are the easiest controls possible. After a few rounds you will get used to driving with a long trailer, and if you manage to get some upgraded truck it will all get easier. No matter your experience in trailer racing games online you will have fun playing this game