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4 Seasons Racer


If you are a fan of racing games than this is your lucky day! We have for you some of the best Hot Wheels racing games that you can find online. 4 Seasons Racer is one of the fastest driving games online and if you are in need of some speed you will definitely be satisfied by this incredible game.

Very easy to play, 4 Seasons Racer can be enjoyed the same by children and adults at the same time because of its accessibility! If you wonder if these Hot Wheels racing games are being played like all normal van racing games than you are right! by pressing the arrow keys you can make the car run with more than 150 kilometers per hour!

Isn’t this great?! Although these Hot Wheels racing games seam simple at the beginning, you will soon realize that it is not that easy to maintain the car on tracks at that super speed! It will be a challenge for you, I’m sure!