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Mountain View Racer


If you are bored of those racing games that we are all used to, maybe it’s time for you to try something new and play some mountain racing games. The Mountain View Racer game is one of these mountain racing games and it’s an interesting one with some new elements for you or for every racing games player.

This is one of the mountain racing games which has a multiplayer mode. You can choose between playing in the single mode, with no opponents or in two players. The good part of it it’s the fact that you can play with one of your friends. You only need the keyboard to play the game. One of the players can play with the arrow keys and the other one can replace the arrow keys with the letters A, S, D, W. By pressing the up arrow key or W you move forward with your player, by pressing the left arrow key or A you turn left, by pressing the right arrow key or D you turn right with your player and finally by pressing the down arrow key or S you can move backwards with your car. If you pick player 1 it means that you will play against your computer, if you pick player 2 it means that you are about to play with some of your friends.

Mountain racing games, usually have difficult tracks to follow, but this game has a simple track with an overview so that you can see your car and the car of your opponent, but also the distance between the two players. Practice your driving skills by playing some rounds and if your score becomes better you can challenge your friends to see who the better driver is.

If you want to play mountain racing games you should know that Mountain View Racer is one of the best racing games that you have ever played. By playing this game you can improve your skills and become a better driver. You can apply your previous driving knowledge in this game, but also apply what you are about to learn in this game in other games.