Zoorly Sport Games Arena

700 Bhp


Here is a game that at the first sight doesn’t look like something muck. It doesn’t seam a very complicated game and you may think that there is nothing for you here. But when I say ‘’supercar racing games’’ I am totally referring at 700 Bhp!

The graphic is not that good and the background music also, but do you know what the extraordinary part from these race games is? Well… when playing supercar racing games like 700 Bhp you will be given the chance to customize your own car as you like it. You can even choose the color and strength of your headlights!

Also, when you think about the manner of playing, you don’t have to worry about anything because it is played like any other supercar racing games – by using the most popular keys – the arrows from your keyboard! This way you can steer the car, you can enjoy the thrill that each race will give you. Now, all that you still have to do is prepare yourself for a tour around the world at the wheel of your customized car!