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If you are looking to play some interesting games you should try our new Fireball! This game is considered to be among the best online racing games. Also if you want to play a quite simple game you have to try these highway racing games as they will bring you a lot of challenge and some fun!

Fireball is a game which you won’t have any problem playing. The only things you need to worry about is to keep your fingers on the arrow keys because this is the way you will drive this racing car. If you want to accelerate just press the ‘’up’’ key and the side ones to control the direction… Don’t you worry about sudden changes of direction because you will only go foreword.

Your aim is to manage to finish as many levels as you can without completely destroying you car. You have to know that these games are considered to be one of the best online racing games as you have to take care of your car as well as you can!