Zoorly Sport Games Arena

Aqua Parking


You have the one of a kind opportunity to drive a expensive boat around the luxurious coast. Show off your class by skillfully parking a boat in the designated sports around the coastline. Drive your boat around other boats, buoys and peers in these aqua parking games. If you love the sea and sailing amongst the deep blue waters and near waving palm trees this is the game for you. Expensive boats are a breeze to handle when the water is calm but a bit of waves and it can get tricky. You have to anticipate how far the waves will push the boat, after you brake. Aqua parking is only for the lofty of drivers and only the few can enjoy the beautiful beaches with attractive ladies whilst also parking their boat around the near by peers. The seaside is a great place to impress your sweetheart so get to showing off your luxurious boat and your refined parking skills.