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3D Flash Racer


Enjoy the funky style of the 3d flash racer as you embark on a super cool racing adventure, behind its wheels. As you race the city in 3d mode, you will totally appreciate the perfect view behind the almost real-deal car and race, proving 3d flash car games are some of the best online adventures you can find.

You can take your motobike out for a ride, or you can race in an awesonly unique power booster car like this one, enjoying 3d road games from wherever you are. It's all about the real experience when it comes to free 3d flash car games, so have fun, while you also enjoy the virtual race in a realistic scenery.


Race like a maniac in all four levels and win each time to cash in! Use your bonus money for cool buys, since of course, you will be able to upgrade your 3d flash racer car as soon as you earn some money. After each level, go buy accelaration powers, top speed abilities, more handling grip and easy braking style for those nasty 90 degrees curves. Each upgrade will help you more in evey level, providing you with the extra help needed to wiin 3d flash car games online.