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Aliens Busted


Have you ever wondered how it would be the future? If you are curious to see what the creators of this game imagined it to be you only have to play these 2 player racing games and see the future of car racing! It will be so interesting to play a new and exciting game and at the same time see a version of the future.

These 2 player racing games also have a really good story to backup the action. Like many good free online car racing games the story is there to support you in your race and give you a reason to fight for becoming a champion!

When playing these cool 2 player racing games you will have a target which you have to reach, usually a car that you need to destroy and you will be able to anything on the streets – you can drive as far as you want, bump cars and brake the rules only by using the arrow keys to accelerate and steer left and right! What do you say? Are you ready for starting the adventure?