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Freeway Fury


This game is very entertaining and funny because you can do more actions than in any other racing game. You can jump out of your car if it’s damaged and you will see after that the advantages of this action.

This game is easy to play and you only need your keyboard to play this game. Press the left and right arrow keys to steer, press the down arrow key to jump on the roof of your car or on other cars with your player. Crazy stunts earn you points and nitro.

Audi racing games can help you to improve your driving skills, but you can also play these games just for fun and entertainment. You must collect as many points as possible and when your game is over you can start another round to improve you previous score. This is a procedure that you should follow every time when you play Audi racing games, because by beating your scores you can then challenge your friends to play against you by playing in the multiplayer mode.

This is one of the most interesting Audi racing games, because you can save your player by jumping out from the car whenever you consider that you might be in danger and whenever you think that your car might be damaged. This way you can change your car and you can finish the game, even though your initial car is damaged. This is very important, because if you can change your damaged car it means that you have more chances to earn more points, because if you jump in some other car when yours is damaged the game is not over and you can keep playing.

If you find this game too easy to play there are other options between which you can choose and a category that sounds like being very interesting and challenging is F1 racing games, games in which the most important thing is your lap time.