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3D Classic Racing


Not that long ago racing was very different the cars where different, they didn't have all the electronics that today cars have, you can experience this by playing classic racing games online and if you want a better experience you can play a 3D game.

3D Classic Racing is not that different than the other classic racing games out there, but it helps you get that old driving feel that fast racing games can't give you. The gameplay is changed a little, you will see that the steering is a little heavier, the car breaks are almost missing just like old cars. After you play this game you will understand how much the electronics this days can improve the driving.

Playing classic racing games you will have the chance to get behind the wheel of some great cars that changed the motor sport making it what it is today. Back then the cars were build with big engines and almost no steering so you will have a little trouble getting used to this cars, but once you do you will become one of the few that can say they have raced a legend.