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Prehistory Grand Prix


If you wonder how the prehistoric people race back then when there was no cars, you will have to play Prehistory Grand Prix and find out. This is a racing games that will give you a hint of what the Neanderthal humans were doing a lo of years ago. In order to enjoy this nice online game you will have to keep an opened mind, I know that this is a little to SF but the racing is quit nice and the cars can be controlled very easy.

Prehistory Grand Prix is a racing game that even the first human could have played, it is that simple. In order to win you will have to use the arrow keys to control the car, and you will see that you have a special weapon depending of what character you have chosen. This weapon can be used to shoot the opponent in front of you and it will help you get in the lead, also be aware that you may be the target of this weapons.

This is on e of the most well balanced game ever, it has it all. It has its humor, the characters are designed in a funny way, it has action, the race is quite intense. Prehistory Grand Prix is one of the racing ams that it will keep you in front of the PC for hours.