Zoorly Sport Games Arena

2 Players Challenge


Take on a 2 players challenge to dominate the highways and learn how to master your car and the roads ahead of you. If you are looking for a thrilling adventure, this is the racing game for you. With drifting effects and cool graphics, the game offers opportunities for each player to take charge of their car and take it to high speeds as it reaches the finish line. Invite your friend over and start a race to prove your skills and supremacy, as the 2 players challenge can be your strong point.

Use your arrow keys to move left/right and have your friend use the w/a/s/d keyboards to compete against you. Then start the race and try to stay on top, cutting edgy curves and hitting the breaks to avoid collisions. Go through all eight levels of extra fun racing adventures and practice your driver's skills as you sharpen you racing abilities .

In these fast racing games online, the key is to stay focused on the road, practicing as much possible ahead. If you know the laps of the road, your task gets easier by the second and your driver's skills will totally improve, enabling yo to be the master of any road!