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1st Place Racing


The game that you are about to play in a minute is a shiny shiny game. You will be stunned in the first place by its extremely good graphic and presentation. These are a lot of Ferrari racing games but there is no other game like 1st Place Racing!

You will be the driver of a very powerful car and you will have to compete against another participant in a set of races from which you have to get out a winner in the end. Lamborghini racing games and Ferrari racing games are games that have these powerful cars in the middle, and if you have always dreamt about driving these cars maybe this is your only chance, even if it’s only in the virtual world.

Very simple to play – using the arrow keys to drive – these Ferrari racing games can easily offer the player exactly what he is looking for. When you think of a driving game what can you ask more than a good dose of fun, some challenge and a bit more entertainment!