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Drag Racer2


There are a lot of driving games online, so many that you don’t really know which one to start playing. We are here to present to you the most popular and worth playing of them all. We have some Lamborghini racing games and among them is Drag Racer2 – a very interesting game that has a good graphic and an entertaining soundtrack!

After you have selected the type of car that you want to drive you can start the race! Here you have a large variety of car types from which to choose… I am sure that you will find the car that you desire! But the most interesting thing from it all is the fact that you have to buy it to use it!

Like many supercar racing games, Drag Racer2 is player using the arrow keys to steer it; but this time you will use the ‘’up’’ and ‘’down’’ arrows to also change the gear. You can also use the Nitro to speed up! Now it’s time for you to start playing. Let’s see how good you are at driving the car of your dreams!