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Fugitive Takedown


You have to make some time to find out about a very nice game. Now I have to tell you about Fugitive Takedown – a game which will bring you a new adventure in your house and it will transform you in a racing game addictive! Are you in the perfect mood to play the games we will show you? Well… if you are looking to play car racing games for boys you have found what you were looking for!

Fugitive Takedown in perfect if you like to play racing games because it gives you the chance to choose between three types of race: Persuit, Time Trial and Hit and Run – each one hiding its own challenges! Are you ready to try them all? Each one will also give you the chance to unlock other features that will help you win!

You will actually be the one to drive the police car and with the help of the keyboard you will be able to drive the cars and chase after the bad guys… By pressing the side arrows you can steer the car while you accelerate keeping your finger on the ‘’X’’ button. When you need to brake just hit the ‘’Z’’ one and you will soon catch the thief! Nothing will be more entertaining than to play car racing games for boys and not only… Enjoy!